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We are currently not accepting unsolicited submissions, but this will change sometime in the future once we finish up the projects we have already have underway. Please see our below announcements and calls for essays:

  • COMING SOON! The Guardians of Mediocrity: How Universities Use Tenure Denial to Thwart Creativity, Change, and Intellectual Innovation

Open Calls

  • Dead Inside: Poems and Essays about Zombies

Poetry and creative nonfiction essays are being sought for a literary collection on the popularization of zombies, in general, and The Walking Dead, in particular. Your poems or essays should explore what this zombie phenomenon means in popular culture, in your family, in your romantic/personal/professional life, in our government, etc. While contemplating the undead, your zombie writing should say something about what it is to be a live human. We hope this collection will explore this trend as a compelling metaphor for our historical era or for various contemporary lifestyles. We are not looking for zombie fan fiction, dry academic treatises, or superficial movie reviews. We prefer reflective/personal narratives, lyrical, voice-driven, and image-centered pieces. Please submit your work with a short bio to by March 31st, 2016.



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